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Stromtod stands for dark and distorted electronic sounds. In terms of genre, there are hardly any limits here. Everything that fits in is used in his sets. The set list moves mainly in the area of Industrial/Warehouse Techno, Dark & Hard Techno and Industrial Hardcore. Occasionally, however, also other genres like Rhythm and Noise or Crossbreed find their way into the Dj sets.

After many years of djing Stromtod started shifting his focus to producing his own music and began delivering a few remixes for numerous big names in the Industrial scene such as Nachtmahr, Chainreactor, ESA and Stahlschlag.
In the meantime, Stromtod’s productions are mainly in the Industrial Techno and Hard Techno area, where he has definitely found his home.
On June 7th, 2021, the first single, “The Cave”, was released on Betrieb Records Berlin. This started the journey as a techno producer and further releases followed on labels like „Industrial Violence“ (6ejou label), „Dreizehnschallplatten“, „ReWasted“ (Sebastian Groth label) and many more. Characteristic for his productions are heavy pounding kickdrums with massive rumbles, cutting hi-hats and aggressive noise sounds, surrounded by dark atmospheres.



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